J School Girls

The world of the sexy Japanese schoolgirl is something that is elusive to the western world. In the Japanese culture it is a specific niche and art that is appreciated, and when mixed with porn makes a great site. J School Girls is a site that is 100% dedicated to the world of the sexy, erotic, and mysterious Japanese schoolgirl. The scenes on the site are all entirely shot in Japan, features exclusive Japan models, and are pixelated as you would find in Japan. The videos are full of fucking, sucking, and intense sexual action which makes the site shine.

The site J School Girls has over 300+ videos for viewing and the videos range from SD to HD formats, and vary in quality. The site also includes full image captures of all the scenes to enjoy and lust after when watching. The site is full of videos that range 25 minutes generally in nature and are hardcore in action, which should satisfy most Asian sex fans. With frequent updates, J Schools has a lot of content to enjoy. Membership to J School Girls also includes access to the 22 other sites in the network for full enjoyment. This is a well enjoyed schoolgirl site and a winner in our books.

Milk Enema

Milk Enema is definitely a unique fetish site and one that is extremely sexual and unique in nature. The site focuses on sexy women who enjoy getting Milk Enema up their anuses and enjoy feeling it gush out of their bodies. They also enjoy filling their pussies with the cold milk and pissing out that milk from their sexy pussies. Jay Sin is the director behind the Milk Enema site and does a fabulous jobs in the videos and capturing the raw sexual energy from the site.

The site features at the latest count over 55+ different Milk Enema videos to enjoy. They are in SD and HD formats, and can be downloaded or streamed on the site. If you enjoy the image captures of the videos, you can watch the pictures and really see the milk escape their bodies that way. Updates are infrequent however, but we hope to see more done. Membership to Milk Enema includes access to the other network sites which helps the site sell well. If you’re the kind of fan who loves milk sprayed across sexy porn stars and enjoy the enema fetish niche, this milky site is all for you.

Downblouse Loving

There is a secret world and niche of men and women who enjoy looking down the blouses of women. It presents a secret look or peak of their tits and any potential breasts that might occur from taking a look at the open blouses. One site that does this well is Downblouse Loving. A number of videos are available on the site and feature exclusive down blouse looks at sexy and beautiful women.

Downblouse Loving has over 2400+ videos that range a few minutes each of various women exposing their breasts in quick peaks or extended looks of their breasts. These videos are viewable in HD format only and can be downloaded only on the site, and not streamed. It is a fantasy fetish type site that will attract those interested and whom get off on this blouse peaking niche. If you enjoy taking a quick peak at tits, then Downblouse Loving is one to join and take a peak at today.

Latex Slut Show

br>Women and latex go together so well in so many different ways, and in the fetish world, latex takes on a new world and a few different sites do it well. At Latex Slut Show, the sexy German women featured on the site are in total control and wear sexy latex outfits along with toys, pissing, and other extremes to show members a truly fun time. This site has been around for a few years now, and has a large number of videos available featuring latex clad women who enjoy pleasing each other in so many different ways.

There are over 100+ videos available for viewing on Latex Slut Show, and range 25-30 minutes each, so you are getting your membership’s worth here. The videos are in SD and HD formats, and various images and pictures of the latex women are available for viewing here. Updates occur frequently to infrequently, with no set update pattern. The videos can be streamed or downloaded, and it’s nice to have that option available. Membership to Latex Slut Show also includes membership to over 15 other sites in the network. If you enjoy latex, hot fetish action, and sexy German women, then Latex Slut Show is a site for you.

Filthy and Fisting

Filthy and Fisting is a site that is 100% dedicated as one would imagine to hardcore and extreme fisting action and porn videos. The extremely sexy and willing women on this site do anything it takes to get fists, toys, food, and other items stuffed completely inside their willing pussies and asses and then get fucked in the process to create one of the most extreme yet highly satisfying sites on the web today. The site isn’t for the amateur viewer however as these women are fucked and fisted in more ways generally seen on most videos on the net.

The site features a wide collection of videos at over 125+ hardcore fisting tales. The updates to the site are weekly in nature and include image captures of all the hardcore fisting fun for one to enjoy screen by screen. The videos are all HD and are available only in a streaming format, which is a little disappointing. Filthy and Fisting however also includes access to the other seven networks within the site and that is always a plus among our recommendations. If you enjoy fisting and hardcore filthy sex, then Filthy and Fisting is a site to check out. Lube up and start fisting away here.

JP Teacher

JP Teacher or known as Japanese Teacher is a hardcore fetish site dedicated to the love and affection of Japanese porn. The entire site is dedicated to the world of the Japanese teacher and their sexy Japanese school girls whom they have hardcore sex with daily and explore some of the darkest fantasies known to porn. The sexy Japanese stars on JP Teacher are stunning and usually don’t make their films outside of Japan and are known in the Asian porn scene.

The main JP Teacher site is focused around over 300 videos of the hardcore Japanese fucking and teacher scene. The videos are available in SD and HD formats, and can be streamed or downloaded from the JP Teacher site. A wide image collection of the school training is also available for viewing. The site is part of the larger network of sites that includes 22 other sites focused on various asian and related porn sites. If you enjoy Japanese porn and the teacher/scholgirl niche, then JP Teacher is one to visit during school hours, and maybe afterwards if the sexy schoolteacher will keep you after class and make you earn your extra credit the hard way.

Femodom Violations

The sexy German sites are gaining popularity across the Internet and the ones that specialize in specific fetishes are gaining strength as well. Femdom Violations is the latest of these female dominated sites that show that the women are in total control, and that the men are the slaves in these sex scenes. The dominant women are 100% in control here and the men are only in the videos to serve the wishes of their female servants.

The Femdom Violations site features over 100+ videos of female domination and male servants. There are plenty of images of the scenes also available to enjoy. The BDSM site features SD and HD footage, and the videos can be streamed or downloaded for your membership pleasures. Twice monthly updates guarantee that the slave videos continue to be made on a regular basis, and membership also includes access to the Burning Ticket network of 15 other sites. If you enjoy female domination and male subs, then Femdom Violations is one to look at and enjoy if you dare.

Latin Smokers

The female smoking fetish is a specialized niche that both sexes enjoy. The image of a sexy woman smoking and doing it while topless or naked is sexy and attractive to many at the same time. When you mix in sexy latina women doing the smoking, you have Latin Smokers. There is no sex at this site and only features Latina women either topless or nude smoking. It’s a rather new site, but features 100% exclusive footage of this smoking niche.

The site has less than 50 videos as of last count, but are very well shot. The footage is in SD format, but can by downloaded or streamed at anytime. Screen captures of all the sexy smoking fetish fun can be viewed as well. The site is part of the Fetish Network of sites, that includes 30 other sites to enjoy and get off with your fetish needs. If you enjoy sexy latina women and smoking, then Latin Smokers is a site to smoke up and enjoy 24/7.

Lust Cinema

The graceful and erotic art form of porn and adult videos is a long one that has filled the history books. Whereas the web features shorter videos and short bursts of action, the longer form videos of erotica are truly breathtaking. At Lust Cinema, the true art form of erotica and adult videos take force here and are 60+ minutes in length, so you know you are getting your moneys worth here. The Lust Cinema was is to appreciate the art form and filmmaking of erotica and appreciates the body and sex that lies within it.

The Lust Cinema site features around 40 videos to enjoy, but each video is over 60 minutes in length. The videos are in HD format only and are truly stunning and awesome to enjoy. Plenty of pictures of the movies are available to watch as well. Those erotic films on Lust Cinema are available to stream or download as well for members. This truly one of a kind site is one for specialists who enjoy long form erotica and for those who do, is a must join and will appreciate the cinema behind the porn.

Big Fat Creampie

The world of curvy women or BBW’s as they are called is gaining traction and traffic across the Internet. The world is gaining acceptance of these curvy sexy women and their love of sex. When you get sexy big girls who love cum in their pussies, you get Big Fat Creampies. These sexy big girls love cock, love cum, and love cum shot deep inside their fat pussies. They want the cocks raw and the cum in heavy loads and this site does a great job at showing it.

The Big Fat Creampies site has over 85 different video to watch and enjoy. The videos are downloadable or streamable, are in SD or HD forms, and fun to watch and enjoy. These BBW superstars are sexy, know how to take a cock, and don’t show any fear of cum or cock. Updates to the site however are infrequent, but membership includes access to over 50+ other sites in the network, so that should satisfy your porn needs. If you like bbw women, cream pies, and hot sex, then Big Fat Creampie’s is a site to cum by and enjoy.

CFNM Secret

The world of CFNM is a specific niche and world of Internet adult porn that intrigues some and makes other wonder. For those who enjoy CFNM, the choice of videos and Internet sites are few are far between, and those who can offer a high collection and quality of work, simply shine on the Internet. CFNM Secret Review is one of the sites that features plenty of naked men who enjoy the presence of clothed females.

CFNM Secret Review has over 45+ different videos available for viewing along with a wide collection of images of the action. A lot of the scenes involve group sex, glory holes, and other alternative forms of sex and have HD videos available for viewing. These videos often involve lots of oral attention, some humiliation, and similar scenes that encompass the CFNM niche of porn. Membership includes access to the network of sites that range in other related niches as well. If you enjoy CFNM action and intense sexual action, then CFNM Secret Review is one to check out.


The sexy fetish of stockings, nylons, and sexy women who show off their sexy bodies in the stockings are incredibly hot and erotic. The Stocking Live site is newer on the scene and was started by famous porn stars Sandra Shine and he sexy costars. The sexy videos show nothing but sexy legs, sexy women in stockings, and sexy masturbation scenes. Hardcore scenes are also included which takes the action up a notch, and the nylon erotic fetish world is one to be seen here.

The videos on Stocking Live are HD videos of 1080i quality, are all 100% exclusive, and footage that you won’t find on any other site. The pictures on the Stocking Live site are all high quality 1200×1800 image quality and show sexy bodies, nylon, stockings and more. Included with membership are interviews with the models, extras, live pic viewers, and a desire to keep you a member. There are 4 other sites included with membership as well and should keep members happy. If you want exclusive stockings and nylon fetish content along with sexy women, then Stocking Live should be a first stop.

Heavymetal Pussy Party

The punk rock world and the porn world often collide in many ways and these types of worlds usually produce high quality websites for members. When it’s under the Burning Angel network of sites, it can almost guarantee a great site. Heavy Metal Pussy is one of those sites that combines high quality punk women, hardcore sex action, and wide sexual fun. There is a ton of content available for viewing and these tattoo clad women are fucking and sucking 24/7 to their members enjoyment.

The videos on Heavy Metal Pussy are fun to watch and are full of hardcore fun. The 55+ videos on the site are in SD and HD formats and can be downloaded or streamed. There are high quality videos, big names like Penny Flame, Sasha Grey and others and are wild to watch. Full frame images are available to watch these punk rock girls and enjoy frame by frame. Updates are made pretty frequently and access to the Burning Angel network of sites is included as well.

Hairy Undies

If you are looking for a site that is dedicated to the hairy bush, hairy pussy, and a site that would never think about a shaved pussy, then Hairy Undies is the type of site you’ll enjoy. The site is 100% dedicated to the sexy women of the site that show off their hairy pussies and love to fuck. There is no lack of hairy pussies to enjoy and to savor on this site.

There are 250+ videos of sexy hairy pussy action to watch here at Hairy Undies. With videos that are in SD and HD format, you won’t lack from a number of videos to watch and enjoy. The hardcore sex action is intense, features plenty of sucking and fucking, and is fun. Where there is a lot of videos to watch, the updates to the site haven’t been made since 3/12. Pictures of the videos are available to enjoy and membership includes over 20+ other network sites as well. If you like hairy pussies and a great network of sex sites, then Hairy Undies should be combed through to enjoy.

Rubber Penetrations

Shiny latex outfits, erotic German women, and hot intense sexual action are a great combination for a sex site. The Rubber Penetrations site that has come out of Germany has taken that up a few levels and shown the world what fine erotic fun can be. There are plenty of latex glad beauties on this site and lots of hardcore action. Plenty of beautiful women, lots of sexy fun, and a wide variety of latex colors are full of fucking here.

The site features over 70+ videos and are in SD formats. They can be downloaded or streamed on the site as well. Updates to the Rubber Penetrations sites seem to be infrequent and the video quality of the updates vary from video to video under our reviews. Plenty of still images of these latex wearing beauties are available to view as well. When you mix hardcore sex and latex plus sexy German women, it’s a great erotic pleasure chest, and at Rubber Penetrations you have that combo here.

The Squirt Instructor

When beautiful women are able to squirt while having sex, it creates a wet experience that not all women are able to experience. When these sexy costars are able to squirt lots of sweet wet juices from their pussies, you get a site like The Squirt Instructor. The site features a British male star who has a bunch of sexy female stars and encourages them to squirt and they do it well. Lots of wetness occurs during the videos here.

There are 35+ videos available to watch at The Squirt Instructor. Where it might not have the large collection of a lot of different sites, it features all squirting fun. Access includes membership network access to 5 other sites as well. There are plenty of still images of the squirting action to view, and the videos are watchable in streaming fashion in both SD and HD forms. If you enjoy sexy women, lots of squirting fun, and gorgeous fucking, then The Squirt Instructor might be a site to enjoy for you. Bring your towels and enjoy the squirting from these sexy women if you dare.