Hogtied Discount

Imagine if you will that you have a really good friend and he tells you, “Hey, I left you something on the floor in the basement.” What thoughts run through your mind? Oh, and he hands you a leather mask to wear over your head. Now tell me what you are thinking?

Hey, it is okay to have rape fantasies. We all have them – both men and women. Sometimes we fantasize about being raped and sometimes we want to be the one getting raped. Hogtied allows us to investigate those fantasies. It allows us to see into our inner core and understand ourselves better. Now you can put on your investigative hat for a whole lot less with this Hogtied discount with 74% in savings. It immediately lops $10 off of the first month’s price. If you really want to get into the swing of things you can opt for the $14.16 per month annual pass. That is 53% off on one of the best bondage sites in the history of the internet!