Alessa Savage Tests Her Boundaries

Alessa Savage has an adorable British accent and an even cuter smile. In this scene, she will have Pascal’s cock shoved so far down her throat during brutal face fucking, that you won’t be seeing her smile or hearing her speak. It will just be the sound of her gagging and struggling for air.

There is an interview where Alessa looks very relaxed and twirls her long black hair around her fingers. She says that she gets turned on by turning other people on. Alessa also casually says that she likes pushing herself and seeing what she can do. She definitely gets that opportunity in this scene.

Pascal White is known for being rough and Alessa knows what she is getting into, yet still consents to submit to him. He shows no mercy as he pounds her face and pussy. Her ass is bright red from being hit so hard and so often. He slaps her across the face often as he slams himself hard into her. When that isn’t enough, he grabs her throat and chokes her out.

If you want to see Pascals Subsluts choked out, there is no better time than right now.