Milk Enema

Milk Enema is definitely a unique fetish site and one that is extremely sexual and unique in nature. The site focuses on sexy women who enjoy getting Milk Enema up their anuses and enjoy feeling it gush out of their bodies. They also enjoy filling their pussies with the cold milk and pissing out that milk from their sexy pussies. Jay Sin is the director behind the Milk Enema site and does a fabulous jobs in the videos and capturing the raw sexual energy from the site.

The site features at the latest count over 55+ different Milk Enema videos to enjoy. They are in SD and HD formats, and can be downloaded or streamed on the site. If you enjoy the image captures of the videos, you can watch the pictures and really see the milk escape their bodies that way. Updates are infrequent however, but we hope to see more done. Membership to Milk Enema includes access to the other network sites which helps the site sell well. If you’re the kind of fan who loves milk sprayed across sexy porn stars and enjoy the enema fetish niche, this milky site is all for you.