Exposed Nurses

Exposed Nurses is a site that combines a varying amount of niches in both the nursing, masturbation, medical, and Czech world. The clinic is closed for the day, and the sexy Czech nurses run wild in the clinic and use the exam room to explore each others pussies, tits, and use various medical devices to explore their bodies.

The site has over 50+ different videos in SD and HD formats, and are 100% exclusive to this site, Complete photos of the self exams are available as well to inspect each body and nurse. Updates to Exposed Nurses do vary though and haven’t been updated much lately, but the videos and images are definitely one of a kind across this site. It explores the medical and nursing niche, and does it well. If you always loved hot nurses and self exploration, then Exposed Nurses is your perfect exam.

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Extreme Bukkake

The term bukkake is used to explore the world of gallons of cum sprayed over a sexy woman, and her enjoyment of receiving the fluids. Director John Thompson and the GGG collection of sites features some of the more extreme bukkake videos around and features face full of cum shots spread across the site for total enjoyment. There is no softcore action here as piss and cum are sprayed with ease and the girls enjoy every minute of the action.

The site Extreme Bukkake features 99 different full length DVD’s of action packed bukkake scenes on the site. The videos are easy to watch and can be viewed or streamed on the site. Full images are available of these DVD’s as well and the cum drenched women are able to be viewed across the site for total enjoyment. Membership to Extreme Bukkake as well includes access to other network related sites in the network as well. If you enjoy hardcore bukkake scenes and GGG Videos, then this site is a must to view and enjoy.

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Feet Luv

Feet Luv is a site that is 100% dedicated to the foot fetish seekers out across the Internet. The site features exclusive European and Czech based models who love to show off their sexy feet for the camera and expose their bodies for the camera. The site has 100% exclusive content and these models aren’t available anywhere else on the net today.

The site features around 15 different videos and is a relatively newer site. The videos range 10 minutes in length and full image captures of their feet and sexy bodies are available for viewing on the site. Updates are occurring weekly, which is encouraging for a younger site and specifically in the foot fetish niche that Feet Luv enjoys. For foot lovers and foot fetish fans, Feet Luv is a newer site worth taking a look at and enjoying. Sexy feet and sexy girls = WIN in our book.

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