Mild to Wild: Fetish Network Has It All

Initially I was going to post a pic from one of the milder sites in the Fetish Network and I was thinking perhaps something from their site Rope Bondage Videos but I decided that because it already so hard for the true bondage lovers to find decent porn that I wasn’t going to mask the potential.

So I went with a pic from their site Helpless Teens where things get pretty dark, even too dark for me as the theme is the role playing of hitchhiking teens getting abducted and raped in the back of a van.

I’m probably not the biggest role player to begin with but I think that has a lot more to do with the fact that I have never truly had a partner who would want to explore something like that but I would also have to admit that I don’t think it would take me far anyways. What I know with certainty though is that violent themes, especially rape has zero appeal to me.

I try not to judge though, I am certain that some of the things that turn me on isn’t everyone else’s kettle of fish either.

So, save 75% per month with a Fetish Network discount. They cover pretty much every fetish you can imagine, from mild to wild.